5 Real Estate Marketing Missteps To Avoid This Year

When you are just starting out in real estate you will certainly make some marketing mistakes.  With that being said, your marketing strategy plays a crucial role in your success as a real estate agent/broker.


Below are 5 marketing mistakes to avoid or fix, in order to get your marketing initiatives on track.

1.  Not taking full advantage of your social media accounts

Most real estate agent/brokers have an account on all the major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc. But what many aren’t, is consistently active on them.  This takes time and dedication but the benefits are great.  These platforms are key for lead generation and there are many free tools to take advantage of to help you conquer each platform.

You want to start by posting shareworthy content that both sellers and buyers find value in as they are making their real estate decisions. You also want to make sure you are sharing those great blog posts, infographics or any other content across all your social media accounts. Next, you want to track how well your content performed on each network by using their analytics.  Doing this will help you optimize those platforms and in turn broaden your social reach.

Engagement is another key component to having success on social media.  Make certain you are acknowledging any comments, tweets, retweets etc.  Start up conversations with any people that share your content as well.  These types of direct relationships are essential to your social success and expanding your client database.

2. Not using tracking codes on your real estate flyers

As you are getting ready to send out your next real estate flyers, do not sit around waiting for a phone call from them.  Take advantage of putting unique codes on each flyer.  This will allow potential clients to enter the code online and you will be able to see which homes and zip codes picked up your flyer. If you do not have a real estate flyer maker that you love, I highly recommend using Flyerco.  They have an amazing template gallery and you can customize your flyers as you like and they are super easy to use.

3. Not properly using email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways for generating real estate leads right now.  It is super easy to set up and is a direct path to showcasing your brand to both buyers and sellers. The key to properly executing an email campaign is to send out segmented emails.  Break up your audiences into a few key categories, typically by where they are in the sales pipeline.  For example, you can send your newsletter to any new leads, while posts with helpful content, like a free seller’s guide, can be sent to leads who are further along in the pipeline.  For more email marketing tips, here is some helpful information: http://www.inman.com/2017/01/24/4-email-marketing-tips-that-actually-work-for-realtors-in-2017/

4. Your website if not fully functional

Your real estate website not only needs to look great but also function properly.  If not, your ability to reel in leads and new clients will be greatly affected.  One common mistake that seems to get agents, is having a website that is not responsive.  To have a responsive website means it looks and functions the same across all devices.  This is crucial as most consumers are using their smartphones or tablets for their online needs.  If you want to learn more about responsive design, check out this great article http://go.placester.com/responsive-design

5. You Don’t have your SEO figured out

Learning about search engine optimization is key to getting a leg up on the competition.  Doing so will help your website be found on google and hopefully result in a page 1 appearance.  If not, you may end up on page 2 or not found at all.  Keep in mind, 99% of clicks happen on page one.  Here are some points to keep in mind when optimizing your site:

  • Keywords that are highly searched are great for for your SEO marketing, but you do not want ones that are too competitive. You need to find a middle ground for both keyword competitiveness and popularity.
  • Keep it local.  You want to see how popular search terms like “homes for sale” does with adding in your specific market (i.e. New York homes for sale).
  • It’s all about the analytics.  Figure out what is working for you and what is not.  Also give thought to what you can try out next.  SEO is a continuously evolving strategy.

If you want to get more tips on SEO for real estate websites, click to read this great article https://www.easyagentpro.com/blog/seo-for-real-estate-agents-the-complet-guide/.


5 Tips for creating a successful social media strategy for your business

I am sure we can all agree that social media has completely changed how businesses are marketing themselves online. As a business, small or large, networking on social media channels is your online gateway to current and potential customers.

Social media gives you an opportunity to turn your followers into your biggest fans and ultimately, one of the best marketing tools .

Given the power social media has in marketing, it is essential for businesses to not only be on social media, but that they find the right strategies to help them successfully engage with their followers.



1. Know Who Your Target Market Is

The usage of social media tends to vary from one demographic to the next.  It is important to take the time to research who your audience is and their reasons for being on and using social media.  You also want to spend time finding out which social media platform your target audience prefers. Doing so will help your marketing strategy be more focused and direct.

2. Always Keep Your End Goal In Mind When Crafting Content

Before you begin putting together your content, you want to give thought to the message and goal of each post.  Whether you are writing an article for your blog or posting on Facebook, everything you write should be in support of your end goal.

Is your goal to try and drive traffic towards your newest product? Or perhaps you have a service that you would like to highlight this month. Whatever your end goal is, always make sure every marketing move is with the end result in mind.  Now that you have that underway, it is time to give thought to how you will be publishing your content on your social media channels.  Using a social media scheduler like Autogrammer is extremely helpful for many reasons.  You can schedule your posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all from one place and the amount of time you will save is the biggest bonus of all.  I also really like that you can bulk upload your images and editing is a breeze.

3. Interact With Your Audience

As you begin to gain the attention of your followers, make sure they feel important.  You can achieve this by consistently responding to comments and answering questions. Having an engaged following means you have an audience who knows, likes, and trusts you.  If you have that, you have the winning combo that is going to help take your social media success to the next level.

4. Vary Your Content

Posting the same type of content over and over is not going to cut it.  Whether the content you are posting is a link, image or text, the best social media strategies favor mixing up tactics when it comes to what you post.  You can change things up by incorporating Infographics, quotes from a recent post or answers to questions. The hope is to post content that will get people to interact with it by clicking, commenting, or sharing.

5. Know your Competition

What your key competitors are doing on social media is crucial to your social media strategy.  Put together a list of the top 5 competitors in your industry and then go onto the different social media channels to see what they are posting about. This will provide you with a wealth of information on how they engage with their followers.  See how their followers interact with them in turn.  Once you gain some understanding of how your competitors are doing things, you can start to figure out how to make your brand stand out.  To find out more on how to analyze what your competitors are doing on social media, check out this great article from Social Media Examiner.








Computer Repair Companies Guide to Find

Computer Repair remains to be one of the most difficult services to find quality providers.

As with other home services, you often find yourself making an appointment with someone you called. Later finding yourself waiting around for the computer repair technician to arrive.

Avoid this annoyance and ask your friends and neighbors for a recommendation. Chances are they have experience working with a local computer repair company. Learn from their experience and save yourself time and energy.

Depending on where you live in the United States, the below recommendations may or may not help.

Computer Repair in Coral Springs and Parkland, FL

coral springs computer repair

The Friendly Computer Guru offers professional, affordable and friendly computer repair services. They have excellent customer reviews on Google Plus.

Some of the services they provide are

  • General PC Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Website Development
  • Wireless and Wired Network Setup
  • IT Consultation and Support for businesses

Call the Friendly Computer Guru at (954) 825-0860

When it comes to maintaining your computer system, it is crucial to keep it up to date with the latest Window updates.

If you are operating an Apple computer, the same is true for you. Often people thing that Apple computer are not susceptible to virus infections.

Antivirus Protection and Detection

Often this is the case, however, virus’ are not the only threats that you face as a computer owner. Popups and Adware can be a real pain, and can infect both Windows and Apple computers.

In a survey of computer users across the United States, ESET ranks at the top of antivirus/security software packages. ESET offers both single computer licenses, as well as bult license purchases for up to 5 computers.

Keep your computer clean

Regular maintenance can help your computer run at peek performance.

Piriform develops a wonderfull FREE software titled CCleaner.

Run this program every couple weeks and your cache, temporary files, and other areas of buildup will be optimized,





Strategies to Restore Credit and Raise FICO Scores

FICO ScoreIt’s crucial to take note that the secret to fix bad credit is a bit like working out, it requires some time and there’s no fast way to fixing your credit score. Quick fix attempts are the most prone to have a negative impact on you, so be mindful of any guidance that promises to boost your own credit score quickly. The best guidance for restoring credit will be to organize it with time. For those who haven’t completed that, you will need to fix your credit background before you find your credit score progressing. The suggestions down the page you will find advice to do that. We have divided it up into groups supported by the information used to determine your own credit score.

Techniques To Carry out Right Now

If you have not already, obtain a zero cost copy of your credit documents and review it for mistakes. Your credit report includes all the details used to determine your rating and it might in fact contain errors. Confirm to be sure that there aren’t any late payments erroneously recorded for any one of all the bills and that the sums you owe for each account is correct. In case you discover mistakes on your reports, challenge them using the credit bureau.

Disputing Errors On Your Own Credit Report

Timely payments is one of the most significant aspects to your credit ratings. Many banks provide payment reminders, that they will send you an via a text message or email. The next important step to take, is to decrease the Amount of debt you owe. By lowering the amount you are obligated to pay back, will be a much more of an accomplishment than increasing your credit score. You must quit using your charge cards and take advantage of your credit report by making a record and check the latest reports to discover what you really owe on every single account and the interest fee they’re billing you. While maintaining minimum payments on your own other accounts, develop a installment strategy.

Hints To The Amount Owed

Keep you balance low on charge cards and other types of “revolving credit”. Outstanding financial obligation can impact a credit rating, so pay off your debt. An effective method to boost your credit ratings in this section is by paying down your charge cards debt. Actually, owing the same debt but having reduced number of open accounts on your report may decrease your rating. Don’t eliminate untouched credit cards as a brief approach to boost your ratings. Also you do not want to open brand-new credit cards which you do not need, only to enhance your obtainable credit. This tactic could backfire and actually reduce your credit scores.

Credit History

Do not open lots of accounts too quickly, if you are new to managing credit. Newer accounts would certainly reduce the average age of your account, this is going to have a significant effect to your scores. If you you are not being provided professional credit advice, this could become risky to a new personal credit owner. It’s ok to ask for and assess your credit report. A score won’t be affected by this, and be sure to order your credit report through the credit agency or via an company that has authorization to release credit reports to consumers.


PPI Reclaims – Have you still not submitted your claim?

At the moment in the payment protection insurance claims space the number of claims is set to increase, with a great number of claimants ‘waking up’ to the fact that if they don’t take steps to get their money back, they really are leaving cash on the table.

Why Should I Make A PPI Claim?

The answer to that is simple, if you have been found to have been miss sold this type of insurance product from the banks, this basically means that they have (metaphorically speaking) taken money from your bank account, on the basis of you being sold on a product that you don’t actually need.

You were likely misled in to thinking either A: The product was something you had to take out as part of the agreement.

Or B: The product was something that you really needed as a way to ensure financial safety for yourself in your current financial situation.

The truth is, payment protection insurance is actually a good product ‘in principal’ it is simply the way it has been incorrectly sold which is the issue at fault, because the banks & the other corporations have hounded and harassed British residents to take out these policies, and pay for them, when actually they didn’t really need them.

What should I do?

You should look at all available documentation, that includes loan agreements, mortgage agreements, credit card informational documents, anything you have for your store cards, etc etc, to find out if there is payment protection insurance attached to them, this is an essential pre-requisite for a successful ppi claim, due to the fact that, if you do not have this type of insurance attached to a policy you simply won’t be able to make a claim because there will be no ppi present.

Can I definitely get my cash back?

That is a question that does not have a quick answer, this is because the banks must accept that your claim is valid before agreeing to pay compensation over to you on the basis of miss sold ppi, so it first must be confirmed that the product has indeed been miss sold to you, this is really the key factor here because many banks and other corporations might actually reject your case, if they feel that no wrongdoing has been done on their part, they can also contest whether or not the product was miss sold, if in fact it is later found that you need the product, so do be careful with your expectations when attempting to claim compensation for payment protection insurance.

Things You Should Know About Debt Consolidation

Sometimes people get in over their head when it comes to debt. There are a number of reasons that this can happen, ranging from an unexpected expense to a sudden job loss. It happens in more cases than you might think and it is not always a result of poor spending habits, but more often is a direct result of an unfortunate circumstance that has occurred that was completely beyond the control of the individual in question. However, it often leaves that person with a mountain of debt that he or she must now decide how to repay. Furthermore, the person is forced to attempt to remedy the situation without facing financial disaster. Debt consolidation is one way that an individual can regain control of his or her finances.

What is debt consolidation?

Essentially, debt consolidation is a way of managing debt that has accumulated over time. Many times, it is due to having too many credit cards or having a balance that is overwhelming. However, it can encompass more things than mere credit card debt. Sometimes student loans can be consolidated and other types of debts can sometimes also be consolidated, depending on the terms and conditions of the original debt. When debt is consolidated, all of the monthly payments related to the total amount of debt are reduced into one payment that is then further reduced into an amount that can be managed more comfortably by the individual. It essentially helps a person to make one payment instead of several and allows them to pay an amount that they can afford without going without food or other necessities.


Is it effective?

Debt consolidation is sometimes very effective. When it is done properly, it is tremendously effective in helping a person to regain control of his or her finances. Debt consolidation specialists do much more than simply reduce the amount of money that must be paid out each month. They also work with creditors on the customer’s behalf in order to prevent collection calls and further attempts at collecting debt. They also provide comprehensive counseling in order to help the customer understand how to better manage their debt so that a problem does not occur again in the future. This can give a person a second chance at dealing with debt and also give them the opportunity to learn a great deal in the process.

Are their concerns

Of course, there are always concerns with virtually everything. The biggest concern when it comes to debt consolidation is to ensure that the company that a customer decides to use is reputable and can effectively help them reduce debt. It is up to the customer to ensure that they find the right company that is both upstanding and hardworking. Fairly researching a debt consolidation company is essential, as there are some scams out there that will simply tell a customer that they will do this and then take their money, doing very little if anything to reduced the debt. However, there are just as many companies that are reputable and will do exactly what they say they will do.


In closing, debt consolidation is an effective way of reducing debt and managing personal finances. It provides a way to get out of any current debt while simultaneously giving the individual in question the opportunity to learn how to better manage finances in order to enjoy financial well being later on.

An Introduction To Home Mortgage Refinancing

During the past several years, the interest rate has been lowered, making it a great time for homeowners to refinance their mortgages. In order to do this, they need to be familiar with the process, and if it will work for them.

Who Will Benefit From Refinancing Their Mortgage?


The people that benefit from refinancing their mortgages are people that purchased the home when the interest rates were higher. When they refinance to the lower rate, they will be saving money on a monthly basis. The actual total amount that they will have to pay back for the home will be a lot less when they refinance.

How To Refinance The Mortgage?

A person that is considering refinancing their mortgage should make sure that they take a look at their original mortgage closely. They should sit down and decide how much they will be saving, and they will come to the conclusion that it will be the best thing that they can do.

Finding A Good Bank To Go With When A Person Wants To Refinance Their Mortgage

When a person wants to refinance their mortgage, they usually stay with the bank that they got the original mortgage from. They can also shop around for different banks if they think that they might get a better deal. A great way to compare the rates that are being offered from a variety of banks is to do a search online. They will be able to compare the various banks against each other without ever having to leave their home.

What A Person Will Need In Order To Refinance

A person that wants to refinance their mortgage will need to bring along some things when they visit the bank. They will need to have the original mortgage contract. They will also need proof of their income, whether it is from a paycheck stub or from their tax return. This will happen to anyone that is listed on the mortgage so it is necessary that all parties bring that information to the bank with them. They will also need proof of their identity, like a driver’s license.

Good Credit Is Extremely Important When Someone Wants To Refinance

Keeping a good credit rating is important is someone is hoping that they can refinance. There are people that are able to without the best credit rating, but most that refinance have a good or perfect credit rating before they try to. If there are problems with their credit, a person should try to rectify these items before they try to refinance their mortgage.

People that refinance in today’s world, usually are better off for it. Many people like to pay a little more of their mortgage each month. The extra money will be taken off of their interest payment so it saves them some money in the long run. Refinancing is a great way to lower the price of the overall home, and many people use the extra savings for vacations or renovations to their dwelling.