10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Help You Sell More

Try out virtual tours

Competition is fierce in real estate.  Putting together virtual guided tours of your properties is a great way to help you stand apart from the competition.  The easiest way to do this is to provide sequence of videos and still images but if you really want to stand out, try giving virtual reality a shot.  Whichever route you take, a virtual tour will provide your customers with a great overview of your properties without having to go anywhere.

Give each of your properties its own website

Every one of your properties should have a dedicated website attached to it.  You want to make it as easy as possible for other agents as well as your clients to locate your properties.

Use professional photography

Professional photography should be used for every listing you have regardless of the listing price.  Images can either get more business or drive it away.  There are so many uses for photographs you will not be wasting your money.  They can be used on your social media accounts, your website, on brochures, on printed real estate flyers, on real estate email flyers as well as on any other marketing collateral.  You want your advertising to be top notch as this is a representation of your brand and the property you are marketing.

Discuss your listings with colleagues

Whenever you are around colleagues, be sure to ask what they are working on.  Perhaps they have a buyer that they are working with that would be a great fit for one of your properties.  Also make sure you are always checking to see what the new listings are each day and the MLS also has an option to set up a buyer profile that will alert you when someone matches that profile.  This is a great feature to take advantage of.

Make sure your MLS listing descriptions are strong

Most of the leads you will get will come from your listings on the MLS.  For this reason, writing a great description of your properties is key.  You are only given so much room to write so make sure you are including any key features and details of the property.  Also be sure to add in those nice professional photographs you had taken.

Go on to the major portals and claim your listings

Go on to the major listing portals like Zillow and Trulia and claim your listings.  This will help you generate more leads and ensure that your name is listed next to your properties as opposed to other agents.

Optimize with keywords

Keyword research is a must if you want to attract the right buyers online. Look into long-tail keywords so that you have an idea of what keywords your target buyer is using in their search.  Once you have those key phrases, be sure to use them in your marketing collateral and in your landing pages.

Your homepage should have your top listings

When potential leads come to your real estate website and view your homepage listings, make sure they are your top priority ones. This is just a smart way to get as many eyes as possible on your top listings.

Use email

Email is something everyone is checking on a constant basis so it is a great tool to use for lead generation. Create an email that has one or two striking images of the property along with all the essential details about it.  You also want to add in a CTA that lets them know to connect with you by replying, visiting a landing page or filling out a form.  The subject line is also important here.  Make sure it is clear like “New listing: Gorgeous home in Los Angeles” and if you want to get super local, throw in the street address.

Host open houses

Open houses are great for generating traffic and allowing you to have a face to face connection with leads and capture their info. Some things to keep in mind in order to successfully host one are:

  • Make sure you have a plan to market it both online (social media events, newsletters, paid advertising) and offline (real estate flyers, newspaper announcements)
  • Stage the home.  Make it look as nice and inviting as possible.  You want the place to feel open and not cluttered.
  • Capture those leads.  Start collecting names before the event by having a lead capture form on your landing page and also have a sign in sheet at the event.  Once the event is over, be sure to follow up with each lead and hopefully you can remember something about your interaction with each that you can mention.