6 Tips To Help Boost Customer Service For Your Shopify Store


Regardless of the business you are in, providing great customer service is crucial to a business’s success.  With online stores, if a customer receives poor customer service they are not likely to return or refer you business.  Fortunately, you can make sure your store does not fall victim to poor customer service by employing the right strategies.


Below are six ways to improve customer service for your

Shopify store.


1. Send out post purchase emails

The moment a customer places an order, they are awaiting details about its arrival.  Delivery status questions make up a large percentage of customer inquiries on a daily basis.  If you have a customer service team dealing with this all day long, you are wasting time.  The best way to handle this process is to be proactive about delivery updates by sending out an email after receipt of the order.  Shoppers rely on the tracking number they receive to get order updates.  Furthermore, these emails tend to be opened by customers more frequently so they also work great for working in additional communications with your customers.

In addition, you should have a process in place for collecting product reviews.  Having positive reviews and testimonials is key for your store.  Social proof is a must these days in order to remain competitive.

2. Use a customer service management system  

Nowadays, customers have so many ways to reach out for customer service issues. Social media, messaging and chat apps and email are just a few of the channels they can use and that is expected to grow as customers demand more speedy customer service. This all begs the need to be more efficient and luckily there exists the technology to do so. By using customer service software you will give a boost to customer service speed which will help increase customer loyalty. By using a management system, you will have a nice overview of all your customers, you can determine which customer cases are a priority and most importantly, you will be able to see anything that may be slowing down your processes and fix them.

3. Respond with understanding to complaints  

In order for your customer service efforts to be successful, you need to handle any complaints and inquiries in the best way possible.  Especially since you will be dealing with unhappy customers at times.

Here are some things to remember when dealing with a complaining customer:

  • Listen to what the customer has to say with empathy.
  • Genuinely apologize for the problem they are having.
  • Put forth your best efforts to resolve the issue quickly.
  • Find out what caused the problem.

This is a great framework for dealing with customers and they will appreciate it.

4. Offer Live Chat

If there is a question or an issue when you are at a store, you just ask for the manager or go to the checkout counter.  When people are shopping online, they want and expect that there is a customer service number or email.  In order to take your process to the next level, you need to add live chat into the mix.  A window pops up and the customer can chat live with a customer service person and solve their issue or ask their questions in real time.  Luckily,  Shopify has lots of plugins that you can add to your store.

5. Send out surveys

Surveys are a great way to show customers you care about their feedback and opinions.  You will get valuable information to use for improving your offerings and your business overall. Here are some Shopify apps to try out.

6. Have a good return policy

Shopping online is not for everyone as many people are hesitant to make a purchase from a company they don’t know.  In order for people to feel comfortable purchasing from you, you need to make sure you have a return policy on your website.  It should be easy to find and the terms very clear.  Also keep in mind a sale should never be final if you want people to shop from you.  If you have a return policy in place and you are having trouble keeping customers on your site,  using something like exit offers will help boost sales.  The app provides you with a pop-up that will display a special promotion when someone starts to navigate away from your store.  An offer like free shipping or a percentage discount will usually do the trick.

In Conclusion

If you want to see your store grow and succeed, customer service needs to be at its best.  The tips above will help you give customers a great experience purchasing from your store while building trust and loyalty.