8 real estate marketing ideas for the holidays




There is no better time than the holiday season to show your clients how much you appreciate them and their business. This time of year gives you a great opportunity to provide some real value to your real estate audience through your marketing efforts.


Below are eight holiday real estate marketing ideas to help

you connect more with your clients this season.


If you have a blog (and you should) consider these topics

  • Cold weather tips: Living in a state where it gets down to frigid temps can be tough.  Think about putting together a post that covers ideas on how to clean gutters, prepare pipes as well as a go to list of helpful community resources.
  • Decorating tips: So who does not love decking their home out during the holidays.  Consider using an email flyer maker to put together a guide with tips on how to put up lights so that you do not cause damage to your home.  You can also do some sharing of your favorite decorating traditions you did as a child and be sure to try and get your audience to share theirs. This also presents a great way to capture some leads by asking them to fill out a simple form to download your guide.
  • Sum up the year:  Put together a nice piece on the successes you experienced both in business and personally.  Maybe also touch on what you see coming for your area in the new year as well.

Host a holiday themed contest

Whether you have done a contest before or not, the holidays are a great time to have one. Have your followers share their awesome holiday decorations and see who receives the most likes. Have one for Thanksgiving and do it again for Christmas or New Year’s.

Use Instagram

Instagram is a key platform that you need to be on as a real estate professional since it is purely visual and that garners very high levels of engagement.  In this industry it is all about connections and this platform does a great job of facilitating that.  You should feature both properties and your community. Capture any tree lighting ceremonies, holiday parades, pretty decorations around your city etc. This will help further nurture your relationship with your audience.

A time to give back

The holidays are all about giving back and you can do your part by signing up as a drop off for a holiday toy drive, hosting a canned food drive or maybe have a collection bin for coats and warm socks and give them to your local shelter.  Take it a step further and have some baked goodies on hand with some hot chocolate or eggnog so you can generate some nice conversations with those dropping off.

Have a baking contest

If possible, try and set up a holiday cookie or gingerbread decorating party at your local community center for example.  You can think about giving out prizes for the best one. Doing an event like this gives you a great opportunity to develop your relationship with the community.  Perhaps you can link up with a bakery or supermarket to provide you with supplies.  While you are hosting, be sure to have conversations with the attendees about real estate.  You may just get some great leads.

Send out a holiday card

Give thanks to your clients this holiday season by sending them an e-card or better yet a card through the mail. At the same time, prompt them to leave you a review.  If  you have done your job well, they should be happy to oblige. Just be sure to give them links to your Google, Facebook, Yelp and any other sites where someone is able to leave a review.

Update your call to action buttons

Most of your online leads are coming from your website so you want to make sure all your lead capturing tools are working and ready to go. Go through all your forms and landing pages and make certain they each have a compelling CTA button.

Start thinking about 2018

There is no resting in real estate.The early bird gets the worm and you need to start planning out your 2018 strategy now.  Go through your database and clean it up. While you are at it, review your social media profiles and make sure they are filled with all the necessary details.