I am sure we can all agree that social media has completely changed how businesses are marketing themselves online. As a business, small or large, networking on social media channels is your online gateway to current and potential customers.

Social media gives you an opportunity to turn your followers into your biggest fans and ultimately, one of the best marketing tools .

Given the power social media has in marketing, it is essential for businesses to not only be on social media, but that they find the right strategies to help them successfully engage with their followers.



1. Know Who Your Target Market Is

The usage of social media tends to vary from one demographic to the next.  It is important to take the time to research who your audience is and their reasons for being on and using social media.  You also want to spend time finding out which social media platform your target audience prefers. Doing so will help your marketing strategy be more focused and direct.

2. Always Keep Your End Goal In Mind When Crafting Content

Before you begin putting together your content, you want to give thought to the message and goal of each post.  Whether you are writing an article for your blog or posting on Facebook, everything you write should be in support of your end goal.

Is your goal to try and drive traffic towards your newest product? Or perhaps you have a service that you would like to highlight this month. Whatever your end goal is, always make sure every marketing move is with the end result in mind.  Now that you have that underway, it is time to give thought to how you will be publishing your content on your social media channels.  Using a social media scheduler like Autogrammer is extremely helpful for many reasons.  You can schedule your posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all from one place and the amount of time you will save is the biggest bonus of all.  I also really like that you can bulk upload your images and editing is a breeze.

3. Interact With Your Audience

As you begin to gain the attention of your followers, make sure they feel important.  You can achieve this by consistently responding to comments and answering questions. Having an engaged following means you have an audience who knows, likes, and trusts you.  If you have that, you have the winning combo that is going to help take your social media success to the next level.

4. Vary Your Content

Posting the same type of content over and over is not going to cut it.  Whether the content you are posting is a link, image or text, the best social media strategies favor mixing up tactics when it comes to what you post.  You can change things up by incorporating Infographics, quotes from a recent post or answers to questions. The hope is to post content that will get people to interact with it by clicking, commenting, or sharing.

5. Know your Competition

What your key competitors are doing on social media is crucial to your social media strategy.  Put together a list of the top 5 competitors in your industry and then go onto the different social media channels to see what they are posting about. This will provide you with a wealth of information on how they engage with their followers.  See how their followers interact with them in turn.  Once you gain some understanding of how your competitors are doing things, you can start to figure out how to make your brand stand out.  To find out more on how to analyze what your competitors are doing on social media, check out this great article from Social Media Examiner.