Computer Repair remains to be one of the most difficult services to find quality providers.

As with other home services, you often find yourself making an appointment with someone you called. Later finding yourself waiting around for the computer repair technician to arrive.

Avoid this annoyance and ask your friends and neighbors for a recommendation. Chances are they have experience working with a local computer repair company. Learn from their experience and save yourself time and energy.

Depending on where you live in the United States, the below recommendations may or may not help.

Computer Repair in Coral Springs and Parkland, FL

coral springs computer repair

The Friendly Computer Guru offers professional, affordable and friendly computer repair services. They have excellent customer reviews on Google Plus.

Some of the services they provide are

  • General PC Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Website Development
  • Wireless and Wired Network Setup
  • IT Consultation and Support for businesses

Call the Friendly Computer Guru at (954) 825-0860

When it comes to maintaining your computer system, it is crucial to keep it up to date with the latest Window updates.

If you are operating an Apple computer, the same is true for you. Often people thing that Apple computer are not susceptible to virus infections.

Antivirus Protection and Detection

Often this is the case, however, virus’ are not the only threats that you face as a computer owner. Popups and Adware can be a real pain, and can infect both Windows and Apple computers.

In a survey of computer users across the United States, ESET ranks at the top of antivirus/security software packages. ESET offers both single computer licenses, as well as bult license purchases for up to 5 computers.

Keep your computer clean

Regular maintenance can help your computer run at peek performance.

Piriform develops a wonderfull FREE software titled CCleaner.

Run this program every couple weeks and your cache, temporary files, and other areas of buildup will be optimized,