7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid


With over a billion active users on Facebook, there are so many opportunities for brands to boost their visibility on the platform. The key is to do it correctly.  Many companies post as much as possible hoping to get lots of likes and shares but this is not what will increase profits for your business. Facebook can be great for growing your business but it can also do damage.

Below are seven Facebook marketing mistakes to



1. Your posts are too promotional

When it comes to brands, consumers are looking to connect with those that bring value to them.  Promoting your business too much will put people off.  They are there to be inspired, entertained and to interact with like-minded people.  When coming up with ideas for posts for your brand, make sure your followers will find it inspiring but make them also want to engage with it. Uplifting stories about employees, exciting announcements about your business, community involvement, charities you support etc. are all good ideas.

2. You are too focused on likes

Having your followers like your post is good.  It means your post will reach even more people but with that being said, your focus should be more on winning over brand promoters and not just likes.  These would be the people who not only like your post but they comment and also share it..all for free.

In order to be as successful as possible with your business page, you will want to create a schedule for your posts.  They key with Facebook is to post consistently and this will help greatly.  Bonus tip: If you are finding yourself short on time, you should consider a  company that can create custom social media content for you.  You provide them with the important details about your company and they come up with content tailored to your needs.  They do this for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Once you approve the content, you schedule the time and day you want your posts to go out. This service has helped my business so much by freeing up my time to focus on other things.  I highly recommend it.

3. Your Facebook business page is incomplete

Whenever someone comes to your business page, you want them to feel they are being given all the information they need about your company.  This is their first point of contact with your brand and you want to make a great first impression.  Give all details like the address, hours of operation, URL, contact info as well as any other information you would want visitors to have.   

4. Your posts are too wordy

Shorter posts (250 characters or less) are said to do much better with audiences than longer ones. If you cut that down to about 80 or less, you can expect even better results. The next thing you want to consider is how often you will be posting.  You don’t want it to be too little or too much. Depending on your own target audience, you need to figure out what works for them and do it consistently.  If for some reason you will not be able to post for a while, be sure to inform your audience so they don’t think you just forgot about them.  They will appreciate it.

5. Your posts don’t align with your brand

If you start posting things that are not related in any way to your brand, your audience will get confused.  This means everything from videos to images should properly reflect your brand.

6. Not responding to interactions or comments on posts

When it comes to social media marketing, the key is to actually be social.  Facebook, like any other social media platform, is all about boosting engagement and generating interest in your brand.  Comments, Likes and shares are the ways in which your audience interacts with your brand.  Make sure you do not ignore them.  If someone leaves a comment, positive or negative, be sure to respond.  This shows your followers you are engaged and that you care about them. With a negative comment, this is especially important since being proactive can help you get in front of the issue and show that customer service is important to you.

7. Not using Facebook ads

With over 50 million business pages on Facebook, there is a lot of competition for reader’s attention.  Your organic reach is diminished because of this and for that reason you should look into using Facebook ads.  They make it affordable and highly customizable. Believe me your business will thank you.