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10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Help You Sell More

Try out virtual tours

Competition is fierce in real estate.  Putting together virtual guided tours of your properties is a great way to help you stand apart from the competition.  The easiest way to do this is to provide sequence of videos and still images but if you really want to stand out, try giving virtual reality a shot.  Whichever route you take, a virtual tour will provide your customers with a great overview of your properties without having to go anywhere.

Give each of your properties its own website

Every one of your properties should have a dedicated website attached to it.  You want to make it as easy as possible for other agents as well as your clients to locate your properties.

Use professional photography

Professional photography should be used for every listing you have regardless of the listing price.  Images can either get more business or drive it away.  There are so many uses for photographs you will not be wasting your money.  They can be used on your social media accounts, your website, on brochures, on printed real estate flyers, on real estate email flyers as well as on any other marketing collateral.  You want your advertising to be top notch as this is a representation of your brand and the property you are marketing.

Discuss your listings with colleagues

Whenever you are around colleagues, be sure to ask what they are working on.  Perhaps they have a buyer that they are working with that would be a great fit for one of your properties.  Also make sure you are always checking to see what the new listings are each day and the MLS also has an option to set up a buyer profile that will alert you when someone matches that profile.  This is a great feature to take advantage of.

Make sure your MLS listing descriptions are strong

Most of the leads you will get will come from your listings on the MLS.  For this reason, writing a great description of your properties is key.  You are only given so much room to write so make sure you are including any key features and details of the property.  Also be sure to add in those nice professional photographs you had taken.

Go on to the major portals and claim your listings

Go on to the major listing portals like Zillow and Trulia and claim your listings.  This will help you generate more leads and ensure that your name is listed next to your properties as opposed to other agents.

Optimize with keywords

Keyword research is a must if you want to attract the right buyers online. Look into long-tail keywords so that you have an idea of what keywords your target buyer is using in their search.  Once you have those key phrases, be sure to use them in your marketing collateral and in your landing pages.

Your homepage should have your top listings

When potential leads come to your real estate website and view your homepage listings, make sure they are your top priority ones. This is just a smart way to get as many eyes as possible on your top listings.

Use email

Email is something everyone is checking on a constant basis so it is a great tool to use for lead generation. Create an email that has one or two striking images of the property along with all the essential details about it.  You also want to add in a CTA that lets them know to connect with you by replying, visiting a landing page or filling out a form.  The subject line is also important here.  Make sure it is clear like “New listing: Gorgeous home in Los Angeles” and if you want to get super local, throw in the street address.

Host open houses

Open houses are great for generating traffic and allowing you to have a face to face connection with leads and capture their info. Some things to keep in mind in order to successfully host one are:

  • Make sure you have a plan to market it both online (social media events, newsletters, paid advertising) and offline (real estate flyers, newspaper announcements)
  • Stage the home.  Make it look as nice and inviting as possible.  You want the place to feel open and not cluttered.
  • Capture those leads.  Start collecting names before the event by having a lead capture form on your landing page and also have a sign in sheet at the event.  Once the event is over, be sure to follow up with each lead and hopefully you can remember something about your interaction with each that you can mention.

8 real estate marketing ideas for the holidays




There is no better time than the holiday season to show your clients how much you appreciate them and their business. This time of year gives you a great opportunity to provide some real value to your real estate audience through your marketing efforts.


Below are eight holiday real estate marketing ideas to help

you connect more with your clients this season.


If you have a blog (and you should) consider these topics

  • Cold weather tips: Living in a state where it gets down to frigid temps can be tough.  Think about putting together a post that covers ideas on how to clean gutters, prepare pipes as well as a go to list of helpful community resources.
  • Decorating tips: So who does not love decking their home out during the holidays.  Consider using an email flyer maker to put together a guide with tips on how to put up lights so that you do not cause damage to your home.  You can also do some sharing of your favorite decorating traditions you did as a child and be sure to try and get your audience to share theirs. This also presents a great way to capture some leads by asking them to fill out a simple form to download your guide.
  • Sum up the year:  Put together a nice piece on the successes you experienced both in business and personally.  Maybe also touch on what you see coming for your area in the new year as well.

Host a holiday themed contest

Whether you have done a contest before or not, the holidays are a great time to have one. Have your followers share their awesome holiday decorations and see who receives the most likes. Have one for Thanksgiving and do it again for Christmas or New Year’s.

Use Instagram

Instagram is a key platform that you need to be on as a real estate professional since it is purely visual and that garners very high levels of engagement.  In this industry it is all about connections and this platform does a great job of facilitating that.  You should feature both properties and your community. Capture any tree lighting ceremonies, holiday parades, pretty decorations around your city etc. This will help further nurture your relationship with your audience.

A time to give back

The holidays are all about giving back and you can do your part by signing up as a drop off for a holiday toy drive, hosting a canned food drive or maybe have a collection bin for coats and warm socks and give them to your local shelter.  Take it a step further and have some baked goodies on hand with some hot chocolate or eggnog so you can generate some nice conversations with those dropping off.

Have a baking contest

If possible, try and set up a holiday cookie or gingerbread decorating party at your local community center for example.  You can think about giving out prizes for the best one. Doing an event like this gives you a great opportunity to develop your relationship with the community.  Perhaps you can link up with a bakery or supermarket to provide you with supplies.  While you are hosting, be sure to have conversations with the attendees about real estate.  You may just get some great leads.

Send out a holiday card

Give thanks to your clients this holiday season by sending them an e-card or better yet a card through the mail. At the same time, prompt them to leave you a review.  If  you have done your job well, they should be happy to oblige. Just be sure to give them links to your Google, Facebook, Yelp and any other sites where someone is able to leave a review.

Update your call to action buttons

Most of your online leads are coming from your website so you want to make sure all your lead capturing tools are working and ready to go. Go through all your forms and landing pages and make certain they each have a compelling CTA button.

Start thinking about 2018

There is no resting in real estate.The early bird gets the worm and you need to start planning out your 2018 strategy now.  Go through your database and clean it up. While you are at it, review your social media profiles and make sure they are filled with all the necessary details.




7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid


With over a billion active users on Facebook, there are so many opportunities for brands to boost their visibility on the platform. The key is to do it correctly.  Many companies post as much as possible hoping to get lots of likes and shares but this is not what will increase profits for your business. Facebook can be great for growing your business but it can also do damage.

Below are seven Facebook marketing mistakes to



1. Your posts are too promotional

When it comes to brands, consumers are looking to connect with those that bring value to them.  Promoting your business too much will put people off.  They are there to be inspired, entertained and to interact with like-minded people.  When coming up with ideas for posts for your brand, make sure your followers will find it inspiring but make them also want to engage with it. Uplifting stories about employees, exciting announcements about your business, community involvement, charities you support etc. are all good ideas.

2. You are too focused on likes

Having your followers like your post is good.  It means your post will reach even more people but with that being said, your focus should be more on winning over brand promoters and not just likes.  These would be the people who not only like your post but they comment and also share it..all for free.

In order to be as successful as possible with your business page, you will want to create a schedule for your posts.  They key with Facebook is to post consistently and this will help greatly.  Bonus tip: If you are finding yourself short on time, you should consider a  company that can create custom social media content for you.  You provide them with the important details about your company and they come up with content tailored to your needs.  They do this for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Once you approve the content, you schedule the time and day you want your posts to go out. This service has helped my business so much by freeing up my time to focus on other things.  I highly recommend it.

3. Your Facebook business page is incomplete

Whenever someone comes to your business page, you want them to feel they are being given all the information they need about your company.  This is their first point of contact with your brand and you want to make a great first impression.  Give all details like the address, hours of operation, URL, contact info as well as any other information you would want visitors to have.   

4. Your posts are too wordy

Shorter posts (250 characters or less) are said to do much better with audiences than longer ones. If you cut that down to about 80 or less, you can expect even better results. The next thing you want to consider is how often you will be posting.  You don’t want it to be too little or too much. Depending on your own target audience, you need to figure out what works for them and do it consistently.  If for some reason you will not be able to post for a while, be sure to inform your audience so they don’t think you just forgot about them.  They will appreciate it.

5. Your posts don’t align with your brand

If you start posting things that are not related in any way to your brand, your audience will get confused.  This means everything from videos to images should properly reflect your brand.

6. Not responding to interactions or comments on posts

When it comes to social media marketing, the key is to actually be social.  Facebook, like any other social media platform, is all about boosting engagement and generating interest in your brand.  Comments, Likes and shares are the ways in which your audience interacts with your brand.  Make sure you do not ignore them.  If someone leaves a comment, positive or negative, be sure to respond.  This shows your followers you are engaged and that you care about them. With a negative comment, this is especially important since being proactive can help you get in front of the issue and show that customer service is important to you.

7. Not using Facebook ads

With over 50 million business pages on Facebook, there is a lot of competition for reader’s attention.  Your organic reach is diminished because of this and for that reason you should look into using Facebook ads.  They make it affordable and highly customizable. Believe me your business will thank you.


9 Technologies To Help Boost Your Landscaping Business

Nowadays, staying abreast of the latest in technology developments is essential to a company’s success.  The same goes for the landscaping industry.  Whether you are looking for an all in one software package or just an add on to an existing system, the below technologies will help boost your business in the right direction.


Below are seven Technologies that will help

boost your landscaping business.


1. Job estimators

Accurate estimates of how much a job can cost is very important. You want a software that is very detailed and will do everything for you like measuring plans and determining quantities for landscaping, minor site work, paving, irrigation and more.

2. Mobile credit card reader

Getting paid for your work is top priority.  For this reason, using a mobile credit card reader like Square, is the best thing you can do for your business. You collect payments from clients right after the job is completed and you can expect to see the funds in your account as soon as the next business day.

3. CRM software

Managing your customer database is essential to the growth and success of your business.  Both Microsoft and have systems that can keep track of your current and potential customers.  You can discover trends among your current clients that can help you determine additional prospective customers. This type of data set will also be helpful in putting together mailings, email blasts and follow up calls with your sales crew.

4. Business management software

If you are looking to have a software system that really covers it all, then a landscaping business management software like Scapersoft is key. It has all the essential internal and project management functions every landscaping business needs.  It is designed by industry professionals and offers everything from scheduling, estimates, invoicing, tracking time and more. It will also help with streamlining all your projects as well as property information.

5. Landscape design software

If landscape design is part of your services, consider using design software so you can produce 3D color renderings of projects for prospective clients. These life-like visuals will be very helpful in boosting their confidence in your company and will help secure their business.

6. Smart Controllers

If you offer irrigation installation and maintenance services, you should definitely consider making smart controllers a part of your offerings.  It will save you time and help you with meeting the increasing demand among your customers. Smart controllers help you compute evapotranspiration by retrieving data from local weather stations or the weather service.  It will basically take care of adjusting the irrigation of the landscape.

7. Extended-Run Batteries

If large landscaping projects are a part of your work, then you may want to consider using a backpack battery that has an extended run time. It will allow your crews to work for more time on one charge, speeding up the time it takes to get a job done.  They also will not need to carry multiple batteries.

8. Consider a job matching app

How great would it be to be notified of lawncare jobs that are already on the route your crew works.  Apps like LawnStarter use GPS to hook you up with new landscaping jobs that are already on the routes you are working on that way you save on driving time and you can grow your business exponentially.

9. Drones

If large lawns are a part of your work or you do inspections for gutters, roofs or treetops, you should think about boosting your efficiency by using drones to help you look for potential issues.


5 Real Estate Marketing Missteps To Avoid This Year

When you are just starting out in real estate you will certainly make some marketing mistakes.  With that being said, your marketing strategy plays a crucial role in your success as a real estate agent/broker.


Below are 5 marketing mistakes to avoid or fix, in order to get

your marketing initiatives on track.

1.  Not taking full advantage of your social media accounts

Most real estate agent/brokers have an account on all the major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc. But what many aren’t, is consistently active on them.  This takes time and dedication but the benefits are great.  These platforms are key for lead generation and there are many free tools to take advantage of to help you conquer each platform.

You want to start by posting shareworthy content that both sellers and buyers find value in as they are making their real estate decisions. You also want to make sure you are sharing those great blog posts, infographics or any other content across all your social media accounts. Next, you want to track how well your content performed on each network by using their analytics.  Doing this will help you optimize those platforms and in turn broaden your social reach.

Engagement is another key component to having success on social media.  Make certain you are acknowledging any comments, tweets, retweets etc.  Start up conversations with any people that share your content as well.  These types of direct relationships are essential to your social success and expanding your client database.

2. Not using tracking codes on your real estate flyers

As you are getting ready to send out your next real estate flyers, do not sit around waiting for a phone call from them.  Take advantage of putting unique codes on each flyer.  This will allow potential clients to enter the code online and you will be able to see which homes and zip codes picked up your flyer. If you do not have a real estate flyer maker that you love, I highly recommend using Flyerco.  They have an amazing template gallery and you can customize your flyers as you like and they are super easy to use.

3. Not properly using email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways for generating real estate leads right now.  It is super easy to set up and is a direct path to showcasing your brand to both buyers and sellers. The key to properly executing an email campaign is to send out segmented emails.  Break up your audiences into a few key categories, typically by where they are in the sales pipeline.  For example, you can send your newsletter to any new leads, while posts with helpful content, like a free seller’s guide, can be sent to leads who are further along in the pipeline.  For more email marketing tips, here is some helpful information:

4. Your website if not fully functional

Your real estate website not only needs to look great but also function properly.  If not, your ability to reel in leads and new clients will be greatly affected.  One common mistake that seems to get agents, is having a website that is not responsive.  To have a responsive website means it looks and functions the same across all devices.  This is crucial as most consumers are using their smartphones or tablets for their online needs.  If you want to learn more about responsive design, check out this great article

5. You Don’t have your SEO figured out

Learning about search engine optimization is key to getting a leg up on the competition.  Doing so will help your website be found on google and hopefully result in a page 1 appearance.  If not, you may end up on page 2 or not found at all.  Keep in mind, 99% of clicks happen on page one.  Here are some points to keep in mind when optimizing your site:

  • Keywords that are highly searched are great for for your SEO marketing, but you do not want ones that are too competitive. You need to find a middle ground for both keyword competitiveness and popularity.
  • Keep it local.  You want to see how popular search terms like “homes for sale” does with adding in your specific market (i.e. New York homes for sale).
  • It’s all about the analytics.  Figure out what is working for you and what is not.  Also give thought to what you can try out next.  SEO is a continuously evolving strategy.

If you want to get more tips on SEO for real estate websites, click to read this great article